Corky is the farms gentle giant. His presence is calming, peaceful and restorative. All it takes is one look into his eyes when he lowers his head to greet you, and you're in love. He is patient and his energy is grounding. We value his watchful and wise personality as he takes pride in taking care of everyone who crosses his path.   

Sponsor Corky

gentle giant

Corky was donated by Art Cirkus in March of 2015 when Corky was retired from Fox Hunting (Art was the head huntsman, Corky led the way!) He is even-tempered, unflappable gentleman who used to run through forests and jump over logs through and hedges in pursuit of the hounds who chased the fox. (Foxes are nowadays let go, just so you know ;) He developed arthritis in his right front foot, so jumping over large obstacles was no longer healthy for him. We were honored to be gifted with a horse of this caliber. He stands at 17.2 hands tall, so he was a wonderful addition for adults...and our peanuts alike!

Corky was only 16 years old so his owner knew that he was too young to be retired out to pasture. (Horses, like people, thrive when they have purpose and take pride in their jobs.) Art was very familiar with Therapeutic riding and knew Corky would be a great fit. Corky settled into life at Hopes, Dreams and Horses like he had been doing it all his life. He brings much joy to many people and we are blessed to have him!



When you come to our farm, the number one rule is to have fun. The second rule is to know you're in a peaceful environment: free of stress, anxiety and worry. However, we all sometimes need a little help unwinding. This is where Corky shines. He reminds us that all is well in the world and that you are loved. 



Our Sensory Forest is filled with tons of fun and challenging activities. We grow and learn through practice and patience. Having a patient partner while our students are learning is key and Corky is the number one partner out there! He is not only patient with the students, but teaches them to be patient with themselves.