The most beautiful mare on the farm (or so she tells us everyday!) Rosie is a true mare through and through. She will teach you confidence and to love yourself. Her big heart and dedication to showing tender love toward so many children and EAP clients over the years has won everyone over. 


'Painted rose' aka rosie

Rosie has been with HDH since 1999 and is now 24 years old. She was donated by Cheryl Mancini and has been a wonderful therapy horse for the last fifteen years! She is a Pinto/Arabian and started off life in Tennesse. She was bought as a yearling from an Arabian farm in Jupiter, FL and then sold to Cheryl as a five year old. Cheryl found she did not have enough time for Rosie so she donated her to HDH.

In the subsequent years Rosie has been through a lot. She developed founder which is the rotation of the coffin bones in the foot which many horses are put down from. She requires special attention to her hooves from a specialist farrier to keep her sound. THANK YOU Amy Chait for donating your time to keep Rosie going. She also had a fungus attack her left eye and received a Cornea Transplant which saved her vision.

Rosie is a true hero here at HDH. She is our last horse at the farm from our original herd. 



Finding balance is key in life. "Around the World" is a fun way to gain core muscle, balance and confidence. Rosie is a favorite horse to do this exercise on. The students trust her and love her so much that breaks are often taken to give big hugs like the one above!



During Equine Assisted Learning we have fun! The summer heat brings opportunity for team building, friendship-making activities. One of them is painting 'Painted Rose' (with non toxic washable paints). This guarantees Rosie a spa day, the one thing she loves most.