'Sneaky Pete' aka Petey may be small, but his personality almost takes up the entire farm! His approachable size is perfect for introducing horses to first timers. He thrives in our Equine Assisted Phycotherapy program and is a invaluable during Equine Assisted Learning.  



Sneaky Pete aka Petey was donated by Marilena of Palm City along with his buddy Oreo. He and his buddy spend all their time together unless they're trying on wigs with the kids ;) 

This little gelding is full of energy and attitude. He likes to think that he is the boss, and provides perfect opportunities to learn how to set boundaries and take charge of a situation. But deep down, Petey is playful and just wants to have fun. He loves all the children and is always down for a good laugh. Petey participates in Equine Assisted Physcotherapy often and has been the catalyst for major life changing moments. 


let loose!

Petey is a the life of the party. His energy might be the only match for all the kids around here. He loves to get out with them and play. But jumping over cross rails with a mini can be hard work! You'll need to gain the trust of them and learn to properly ask of him exactly what you want. Asking questions, asking for help and asking to join along are sometimes hard to do. Spend the day with Petey, and he'll teach you exactly how it's done! 



Life can't always be taken so seriously! Although we work hard to learn many lessons and grow together here at HDH, we also teach everyone the value of laughter. It's one of the most cathartic things we as humans can do, and Petey knows it! We're always searching for ways to implement happiness and joy at the farm so that you may carry them into the rest of your day, and hopefully into the rest of your life.