'Magnolia' aka Maggie, is as sweet as they come. Her gentle disposition and kind soul warms our hearts. Maggie was rescued from a kill pen and is overcoming her timidness as she gains the trust of others and confidence in herself. As a therapy horse, she leads by example that overcoming hardships  is possible, especially in a safe environment like HDH



Thank you Christine Quigley for saving her, sponsoring her and sharing her freely with Hopes, Dreams and Horses. 

Magnolia is a draft horse, so she has a great work ethic and is a super comfortable ride. She is about 18  years old and was rescued from a kill pen in Louisiana by Christine Quigley. Her complete history is unknown, however we suspect she was used as a plow horse at some point in her life. She was rescued two years ago and Christine allowed her to just be a horse for well over a year which was very healing for her. Maggie had a LOT of trust issues. 

When she moved to our farm in late 2017 Maggie soon lost her fear of people and would watch the goings on with interest. That is when we realized she had healed enough to give back.  Christine's daughter Jenna, has been Maggies life coach here at the farm. Thanks to her, Magnolia is now confident under saddle and we have found she is an extremely safe horse for small children to ride and spend time with. She is the most respectful horse we have ever met.Her future here is bright and now we couldn't imagine life without her. 


looking forward 

There are many humans and horses alike who have have faced extreme hardship in their past. Although Magnolia was facing death from humans in a kill pen, she now gives out absolutely nothing but love. She teaches us forgiveness, forward momentum to overcome fear and the strength to gain trust. 



Maggie's timidness when she first entered the farm was something we often find in humans. She trusted our guidance and overtime became a confident mare (woman). She believes in herself because we believed in her. Nowadays, things have come full circle as she is the one showing those who are timid how to become confident in themselves.