"Horses are extremely reflective of humans emotions, are metaphoric in their actions and genuine with their reactions"

Psychological benefits

Equine Interaction promotes an overall sense of well-being and provides an 'in the moment', tranquil environment to find oneself. 

• A sense of self and developed personal growth

• Skills for healthy relationships

• Developed trust and bonding

• Increased confidence for boundary setting

• Developed assertiveness rather than aggressiveness

• Improved self-confidence

• Reduced stress by achieved peace of mind

• Increased behavior modification

• Increased interest in the outside world 

• Developed confidence to work through fears

• Emotional control and self-discipline 

• Expansion of the locus of control as an individual increases their control over a powerful animal, they view themselves as having control over their world

social benefits

Therapeutic horsemanship involves interaction with horses, staff, volunteers, and other participants

• Improved positive communication styles

• Increased teamwork and socialization

•Improved verbal and non-verbal communication

• Recognition of body language

• Developed respect and love for people and animals

• Development of friendships and an equine family

• Inspired independence

• Provided social stimulation

• Increased interest and enjoyment of the outdoors  

• Increased sense of responsibility and respect

• Development of patience and understanding of others