We currently do not have program fees but gratefully accept donations. 

Below are suggested donation amounts until we receive enough community support and/or government assistance. Unfortunately we are unable accept insurance at this time, however we are advocates for such policies in the future. 

We keep the suggestions as low as possible, however in South Florida it is very expensive to keep horses healthy and happy. 

Many of our students and clients have been able to find sponsors. There are personal, corporate and non profit organizations that will sponsor sessions at Hopes, Dreams and Horses. If you are unable to make a donation, please contact us for more information on sponsorships. 

The donation is 100% tax deductible. Gift certificates may be purchased or donations made directly on the website or mailed to 10660 Randolph Siding Rd. Jupiter FL 33478. Checks may also be received by Riding Instructor day of lesson in person. 

These funds are earmarked for the student and they receive their lesson at no charge.

                      THERAPEUTIC RIDING LESSONS

  • 1/ 2 hour Group (3-4 students)___ $25

  • 1/2 hour Semi Private (2 Students)_$35

  • 1/ 2 hour Private________________$45

  • 1 hour Group (3-4 students)______$50

  • 1 hour Semi Private (2 Students)___$65

  • 1 hour Private__________________$75

                      *Our Group lessons have no more than 4 riders

To inquire about pricing on EAP or EAL, please contact us for further details.