Our sweet little Oreo has brought so much joy to us over the years. He is quiet and patient, making him an all-time favorite when the kids need someone to talk to or lean on. Oreo has been a major part of our Equine Assisted Learning program. His approachable size is perfect for those looking to become more comfortable around horses. 





lean on me

When the kids need a friend, they look no further than Oreo. He's always there for you if you need a hug and pep talk. Oreo is a patient little cookie who loves to hang out and talk. (Well, he's a great listener ;) Understanding the importance of these traits is great at such an early age. We thank Oreo all the time for his love he has to give. 



Oreo has been the perfect intro into the world of horses for many people. From happy babies to full grown adults, everyone feels welcome and safe. Not to mention his cuteness overload melts any doubts and fears and in no time he's your new best friend. The students and volunteers love setting up jumps to leap over with him, play dress up with and just enjoy life.