In Memory Of

This page is dedicated to the Hero's who lived out their lives as Therapy Horses. Each Journey was different, but they found their way to us. We promised to care for each horse, no matter age or illness, until their time here on earth is over. These horses have dedicated their lives to giving us nothing but love- and in return, we strive to do same for them.



Blaze is a legend here at HDH. Every single student rode him and every single heart was stolen. He was without a doubt the most dedicated hero we ever met. He never once said to the kids, I don't feel like trotting today. He was so patient and trustworthy that many of our students learned to trot and canter on him for the first time. He was also a major participant in EAP. It was if he knew exactly what the client had been through the moment they met, and there is a pretty good chance he did. He was that special. He passed away at nearly 32 years old, which is a very long life for a horse. We're in debt to him forever.   


The sassiest Arab-Pinto mare in all the land. She had a major heart though. Azland had the smoothest trot you'd ever encounter and hardly needed a bridle she was so in tune with her riders. She was one of the original horses of HDH and the loss of her was devastating to say the least. She foundered and due to complications was laid to rest. Not a day goes by that she isn't deeply missed. We cherish her memories here at HDH. 




Tilly was a marshmallow of a pony. Every student to get on her would literally start giggling and be overcomed with joy. She was cute as button and tolerated pretty much anything from the kiddos. She was an excellent addition to the Equine Assisted Pyscotherapy program as well. Her role was the catalyst of a break through for a client who had spent her entire life in traditional therapy. Tilly became impacted one day. Horses cannot throw up and this issue can be lethal. She received medical attention around the clock but eventually it was only fair to lay her to rest. Her pasture mate Ginger comforted her as she passed.