These amazing horses served as therapy horses for many years. There are various reasons a hero can be retired. The main reason these girls were retired is because they loved to be out on the trail. If we can improve the quality of life of a horse, we will do so. Even if that sometimes means saying goodbye. They all now live on a huge ranch doing what they love; being trail horses.



We took in Sugar when her owner fell on hard times. She was severely underweight and took several months to regain her health. Under our watchful eye, she began to shine. Sugar served as an incredible therapy horse for 2 years. We couldn't help but notice how 'Suggie' thrived exploring the wetlands and canal banks and knew that's where her heart wanted to be. 


Ray Ray, Oh how we miss you! A beautiful bay quarter horse that captured the hearts of every little girl she met. Mary Jo Wooten generously lent us Raisin for many years. She had the daintiest little trot and taught everyone their sitting trot as she tip-toed around the ring. But out on the trail; she could fly. And she loved the wind her face. Horses, just like people can become burned out doing the same thing day in and day out and Raisin showed signs of this after several years so as much as we miss her we decided it was best for her to go back to her loving home with Mary Jo.




Ginger is a little Rocky Mountain horse with the heart of an energizer bunny. Her petite size was perfect for side walking and her funny temperament was sure to cheer up anyone on a bad day. As the years passed, she enjoyed swimming more and more and it seemed the spark in her eye while giving lessons was fading. In order to preserve her happiness, she joined Sugar in their forever home on a 350 acre ranch in Tampa and now lives her days in the big outdoors doing what she loves.