The cutest pony we've every encountered. Typically ponies can be sassy, but Melo lives up to his name. He's our easy going, huggable, lovable boy. Melo is a star in the ring for those learning how to independently ride a horse and those looking to sharpen their skills. He's also a very active part of EAP and works with clients to ensure they get the most out of each session. 






Horseback riding is a workout! Many of our disabled students benefit from building their core muscles, helping them in their day to day life be able to sit up and stand. When it comes to the right tempo for this workout, Melo's stride is just the ticket. He enjoys strolling under the shade trees just as much as the all of the students and volunteers do!  



Melo has captured the hearts of so many of our students. Somehow their weekly bonds seem to get stronger as the months and years pass by. He remembers each student and this helps them understand the importance of individually- An invaluable lesson for friendships with humans  and for understanding the need for proper horsemanship.